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NYC-GOP Welcomes Obama to Manhattan

2011 June 25
by admin


Attending a NYC-GOP social event, I had a talk with the Chair, Dan Isaacs. He had mentioned in his remarks about the need to let Obama know that NYC is not completely liberal, and that there are conservatives here. He wanted a “GOP Welcome wagon”…

Having just moved here to NYC, I figured one way to get in good graces (with any org, anywhere) is to be helpful participants, I said that we might be able to do something…

We ended up coordinating a two stage plan. NYC Liberty HQ would attempt to get into the front-lines in Times Sq while the Metro Club folk staked out the high-end eatery where Obama was holding a $37,000 a plate dinner.

So, the problem for us was getting past the Advance Team (DNC Staffers who look like Secret Service, but direct crowds/etc to insure the best media “shots”) and onto the front lines. To accomplish that we created signage that was easily transformed from Pro-Obama to ridiculing him.

BY the time advance found out what we were up to it was too late. Drove one of them nuts. He tried to send a few different cops to shut us down. But my answers were correct and “we had every right to be there”

Who is in charge? No one. We are independent citizens.
What is the name of your group? What group?
But, you are here together… protesting? Naw, we’re not protesting, We’re welcoming 🙂
Good, well you guys have every right to be here!

LOL – That convo was with an LT and everyone the advance sent after us after that I just sent to go talk to the LT…

No permits, and freedom prevailed.

Note that we placed ourselves right where the Motorcade made a turn

and directly in front of the news trucks where they were taping for broadcast

Then, after marching around a bit through the crowds, having a few reporters stop us for their story,

and generally just causing laughter in the streets, we headed up to where the Metro Club crew were stationed nearby O’s dinner venue. Not as much action there, but they were glad to see us arrive and triple their numbers…

A good day in NYC, we had LOTs of pics snapped and video shot, might have gotten the signs into some news broadcasts (searching now), a few print interviews, and our local was GOP happy to see us.

A good day. I wonder if Saul approves 😛


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