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A Comment On The 2012 Tea Party Patriots Presidential Survey Blog

2012 January 27
by admin

Can the Tea Party coalesce? The early adopters of the Ron Paul r3VOLution, the patriotic Americans awakened by Santelli, and the teeming masses whipped into a frenzy by Faux and Fiends?

Wouldn’t that be something?

A recent survey from the Tea Party Patriots Organization is encouraging. Paul was the first to respond and it is quite the read. I especially identified with a comment that I want to highlight here but first, here are some choice tidbits from the survey:

Will you support complete repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Yes. One of my first acts as President will be to order all federal agencies to immediately cease enforcement of the unconstitutional national health care law. I will veto any bill that funds the national health care law, and I will work with Congress to completely repeal it.

Will you act immediately to bring down the national debt without raising taxes, and continue reducing debt to below the 2006 level?

Yes. My Plan to Restore America permanently extends all of the Bush-era tax cuts – including permanently repealing the estate (death) tax – and it balances the budget by the third year of my administration.

Will you repeal current executive orders that place unconstitutional burdens and/or restrictions on individual and state rights? If yes, which ones?

I will repeal all Executive orders that infringe in any way on the 9th and 10th amendments or overstep the President’s constitutional limits.

Will you support a full audit, repeated annually thereafter, of the Federal Reserve Bank, and publish the full results online?

Yes. For years, I have been the leading advocate in Congress for a full audit of the Federal Reserve. I have continued that fight in this current session of Congress by reintroducing my Audit the Fed bill (which has almost 200 cosponsors), and, as President, I will stay at the forefront of the battle to hold the Fed accountable.

Will you require the entire executive branch to comply with standard transparency laws (“sunshine laws”), implement proactive disclosure, including full compliance with all FOIA requests?

Yes. I will repeal all executive orders and fight other federal policies that are inconsistent with maximum transparency in government.

Do you believe that government creates jobs efficiently?

No. The federal government cannot create good, productive jobs that meet the needs and wants of the people. This function can only be served by the free market.

Is a Balanced Budget Amendment an approach to fiscal responsibility that you would support? If yes, what are the key elements of a Balanced Budget Amendment that you would support?

I would support a Balanced Budget Amendment as long as it contained limitations on taxes. Otherwise, an amendment may be used as an excuse for large tax increases in the future.

There are essay questions and all. Paul lays it down and I look forward to seeing the other candidates try to match it. Kinda like an upcoming gymnastics event in political pandering… As Doug Wead might say, “What fun!” Get the popcorn…

Anyway, getting back to the point updating this blog, which is much more serious, there are plenty of great comments on the blog last I checked, but one in particular struck my eye. I’ve traveled the country extensively in this r3VOLution and met supporters from almost every state, and for people wondering about “them Ron Paul Supporters” this comment represents many, if not most of us:

G Brooks said on January 26, 2012 Reply
My Christian, Constitutional Fiscal Conservative, Pro Tea Party, Pro Strong Military Defense & Pro Israel Family will vote for the only Constitutional Fiscal Conservative, Pro Strong Defense, Pro Israel, Military Veteran & Medical Doctor & the Godfather of the Tea Party Movement running for the office of President of the United States of America. His name is Dr. Ron Paul.

Dr. Paul’s unwavering & proven ability to keep his oath to defend the US Constitution in its entirety & his consistent Biblically principled approach in all matters cured our apathy. We are thankful that we don’t have to sell our rights & our country out to another status quo donkey politician dressed in an elephant costume.

For those parroting the talking heads on both Fox & MSNBC please take time to research & compare actual voting records before speaking against something you have been completely & intentionally mislead on. My family understands where you are coming from. We thought the same way you do now. We use to listen to the self proclaimed “conservative” opinions of O’Reilly, Hannity, Levine, & Limbaugh to name a few.

However, when we took the time to research & compare each candidates verifiable voting records we were awaken BIG TIME to the corruption & intentional deceit being perpetrated on the American people by ALL of the networks…quite frankly we are shocked Fox even allows Judge Napolitano’s show to air. Once someone learns the truth they don’t become fair weather flip flop supporters of Dr. Paul.

This election is bigger then just making Obama a one term President. America can’t afford to elect yet another double speaking, double minded progressive politician. If the American people don’t become informed with facts & cast a principled vote based from truth then yes Obama will win reelection & it wont be the fault of Dr. Paul supporters.

The only one’s to blame will be the “establishment” propaganda arm of the government known as the mainstream media & those who were too lazy to research & learn the truth & think for themselves.

As a Christian conservative family we refuse to be enslaved by another big government, power hungry, ego mania politician who is owned by special interest. We want an honest & principled leader who is a proven constitutional conservative who will enact fiscally conservative policies that will strengthen our economy, our military defense & our God given freedoms which in turn strengthens American families who have been suffering at the hand of these morally corrupt & oath breaking politicians.

We will only support & vote for the 12 term elected Congressman from Texas. We stand with him now as he has stood for us in the face of all the naysayers & assaults against our Constitutional Republic.

“There has been now three elections & a total of 37 delegates have been chosen so far…less than 2%…like one & a half percent…this is the beginning of a long hard slog!” (Ron Paul speech after SC primary)

Dr. Paul, Keep picking up those delegates toward Restoring America! Our prayers & financial support are with you for the long haul. Blessings!

I remain honored to be a part of it…


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