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Charity and Social Justice

2011 September 16
by admin

Mutual commitment to society is a moral code; a value known as charity. IMO it is a natural trait of humanity rooted in the instinct of “survival of the species”. Charity has always existed, whether based on a government model or not.

History teaches us that Big Government solutions merely create bigger cracks for the unfortunate to fall through. Intentions aside, this is a fact. No human system is perfect, that is another fact.

So the question regarding social safety nets becomes one of, “which system insures the greatest peace and prosperity for the widest swath of humanity?”

I follow the lead of Dr. Paul, and those throughout history who have shown that the republican form of government does this best. A system where power flows up from the common man:


History reveals that this is the most “ideal balance” so far developed. Unfortunately, this system is out of balance and has been turned on its head over the last many decades. This is what the Ron Paul r3VOLution strives to re-balance. And I believe what Ron Paul means by: Restore America Now

I fully believe that our system is supposed to be one of community empowerment, not national dictates. And I believe adherence to the rule of law, the US Constitution, provides the greatest peace and prosperity to the widest range of individuals.

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