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Happy Father’s Day

2011 June 19
by admin

I remember my Dad with a warm smile and am sure he approves of my present course. So, in that vein I’m going to make a Father’s Day post about another much beloved “family guy” and father figure. Dr. Ron Paul.

The Paul Family

As you can see, he has brought a lot of his own into the world, (in addition to the over 4000 babies he delivered as an OB/GYN M.D.), and if you look, you can clearly see that it is a duty to those children, to posterity, that drives this man to stand up, often alone, against leviathan government. Character and courage; aren’t those still ideals for any father (or leader) to exemplify?

What really inspired me to write was this thread that appeared in Ron Paul Forums where a supporter posts his pics from meeting Paul at the SRLC, (because often-times pictures are worth thousands of words). He says,

…Then Dr. Paul came out of a room and went into the registration room. So, me and my wife went in and got to talk to him and got pictures. Mrs. Paul also talked to my wife, again held my new born, and gave her to Ron Paul to hold and we got pictures.

The pics reminded me of other pics I have seen of Paul, with children, that reveal an un-staged earnestness so refreshing in politics today. Whether they be strangers…

or his own…

Gardening with the grandkids

The status quo always likes to claim they are “doing it for the children”. Paul makes no such claims, he just keeps humbly doing it. Leading, by example.

Happy Father’s Day Dr. Paul, you are a re-founding father to many.

For more personal background on this true “Family Values” candidate you can watch this early campaign biography

or this “candidate breakfast” video from 2008

and a Happy Father’s Day to all of you readers who fit the bill…

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