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Sharia Law?

2011 June 22

I have developed a very wide tent on Facebook, (and I love you all. We may not agree, all the time, and I may think a few of you are… interesting, but I really do hold love in my heart for all, even our fiercest enemies…)

Many of these friends have become politically active due to the second wave of the Tea Parties and are still drowsy. The sleeping giant…

Anyway, I saw on my wall today a picture expressing vehement dislike of my man, Ron Paul and felt compelled to engage. I added a comment to the pic and then browsed over to this friend’s wall to take a gander. There I saw another anti-Paul post telling all Paul supporters to “GET OFF HER SITE!”

I politely engaged in that thread, and had a bit of a back and forth, enough for her to come take a gander at my page where I found this:

While I always look back seeing where I could have worded things better, I think that adequately answers her question, (and note that she has not deleted my posts from her wall, even though she was egged on to do so by friends), but in case anyone wonders what “group” I will stick my neck on the line for, perhaps this video I put together, using a friend’s song, will hint at that.


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