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Paul Fields VP Question – Judge Napolitano?

2011 June 17

Paul sure likes Judge Andrew Napolitano, (as do many of us)

From The Street

Still quite early, but I’m pleasantly surprised…

Ron Paul Calls Out President Obama

2011 June 17

Dr. Paul writes in The Daily Caller (excerpt)

Of course, in 2007, then-Senator Obama spoke passionately about the need to go after the Bush administration for violating the War Powers Act — the very same thing he’s doing now. In fact, while speaking at DePaul University in October of 2007, then-Senator Barack Obama said the following:

“After Vietnam, Congress swore it would never again be duped into war, and even wrote a new law — the War Powers Act — to ensure it would not repeat its mistakes. But no law can force a Congress to stand up to the president. No law can make senators read the intelligence that showed the president was overstating the case for war. No law can give Congress a backbone if it refuses to stand up as the co-equal branch the Constitution made it.”

We are now taking Barack Obama’s past advice and standing up to the executive branch.

Of course, the War Powers Act is hardly an improvement on the U.S. Constitution because it does allow the president to go to war without the approval of Congress. But President Obama refuses to follow this law.

If a president does go to war unilaterally, the War Powers Act requires him to seek Congressional approval within 60 days. The president can get an extension of up to 90 days if he asks for more time — but President Obama did not do this.

His time is up.

more at link

Tax Free Tips Media via NYC Liberty HQ

2011 June 8

It all started with an outreach idea to keep our volunteers busy. Ron Paul has introduced a bill to reduce the tax burden on the service industry that highlights the unfair complexity of our tax-code. So we made some simple fliers and started organizing for “pub-crawls”. Well, one thing led to another, the press got wind of it, and we got ourselves some earned media for the good doctor.

First it was Page 3 in Alexander Hamilton’s NY Post

Then the local Fox5 TV news picked it up and ran this:

Ron Paul Gains Fans in New York Bartenders and Servers:

All from some simple fliers printed on colored cardstock…

Join the national facebook group here

Go Grassroots

I Support Ron Paul for President 2012

2011 June 7
by admin

And his grassroot supporters are the treasure that can beat Obama’s Billion

The Philosophy of Liberty

2011 June 7
by admin


2011 June 5
by MichaelM

Pursuing my ideal of liberty.

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